Fisher Platform

An engaging brand and mobile-first platform, Fisher is designed to lead the way in supporting and resourcing leaders and participants in more than 700 class locations across the United States.


Since 1975, Community Bible Study (CBS) has been helping people-from children to seniors-to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Today, there are nearly 700 CBS classes located throughout the United States as well as classes in more than 70 countries and more than 40 languages around the globe.

But, the current membership data system known as MS2 is out of capacity, tedious, and not user-friendly.


First, the brand will be the iconic foundation for what the digital platform (MS2) will represent – connection and empowerment. A visual guide will be created to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

Second, not only does MS2 need to reflect the core values and vision of CBS, but also scale and engage users across a broad range of platforms, devices and technical web experiences.

Fisher has been an epic shift in the ministry of Community Bible Study.

Fisher is designed to be an engaging, simple, beautiful user experience that empowers class leaders and participants to collaborate in real-time.

Thank you to the Fisher team who has worked tirelessly on this project … Fisher has been an epic shift in the ministry of Community Bible Study. 

Kimm Carr, Executive Director @ Community Bible Study
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