With 5 physical campuses and 1 digital campus, Houston’s First was pursuing the latest web technologies and strategies to meet people where they are across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.


Houston’s First is a large campus with influence that spreads beyond Houston. The church not only has multiple campuses, but also ministries, media, volunteer opportunities, events, staff, live broadcasts, and connection paths to consider.


With so much content it was critical we begin with a comprehensive content strategy and information architecture that would scale with a growing church. The site needs to be searchable, responsive, and intuitive across a broad demographic.

Houston’s First is a thriving and diverse community of real people experiencing real life together. Our strategy was to engage people in the culture.


Houston’s First home page is dynamically-created for each campus. It’s organized to engage users in opportunities to gather, grow, and give.

Houston’s First has multiple physical campuses. It was important to design the campus picker to be simple, intuitive and informative.


Our media strategy encompasses scheduled live broadcasts, 24/7 simulated live streaming and a message library. We had to design a way to immerse users in media, and easily find message in a robust library.

Volunteer & Trips

There are so many opportunities to volunteer, go on trips, and engage in local partnerships. We designed a robust system to filter, find and engage with opportunities.

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