Multiply Campaign

With a vision to love and engage with hurting, broken people and impact the local community McDowell Mountain Community Church was seeking ways to maximize resources and expand capacity.


The ability to impact the world and local community is being limited. Every square inch of the current campus has been maximized. McDowell Mountain Community Church places enormous value on every single individual who comes through the doors.

Based on current growth trends, in less than 2 years people will be turned away every weekend. The student ministry is already over capacity, with young people spilling outside and into the lobby.


Our team would develop a campaign name, identity, and collateral that would engage the MMCC community to risk together and give generously toward a cause to raise $4M over the next 2-years.

Simply put, Multiply is a campaign about engaging and caring for the hurting and broken, empowering a younger generation to be generous, and support enormous growth that was nearly maximizing every square inch of the current campus.

Through opportunity analysis and brand strategy we arrived at Multiply. We found this name captured  the campaign vision and aligned with the core message of influential growth.


We developed Multiply brand collateral to tell the story of the campaign and lead people toward action.

The least of you will become a thousand.

We’ve been so thankful for Tipping Media’s partnership in our generosity and capital campaign. They listened to our stories, then developed a strategy to present those stories in a clean, creative and compelling manner. Their team far exceeded our expectations with an extremely tight timeline. I’d highly recommend them for branding, content strategies and storytelling in an extremely effective way.

Matt Anderson, Lead Pastor @ MMCC
Let’s Work Together