MVMT Donation Platform

A campaign that transcends borders, MVMT was seeking to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly across the world. With an ambitious fundraising goal, MVMT required a donation platform that would unite story and technology.


With so many stories to be told both locally and across the world we needed to create a visual connection to the big objectives of the campaign and the impact of generosity on people they may likely never meet.

We wanted to build a donation and pledge experience that would not only be beautiful and easy, but also keep the campaign’s progress, impact, and stories top-of-mind. We wanted engagement to equal impact.


A beautiful user experience that would be simple to use across desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms was at the core of every decision. Creating a fast, secure donation system that leveraged the latest technologies was important to us as well.

Through our research we found few compelling donation experiences that felt connected to the cause. We wanted to redefine what a donation platform could be.

This is a story made up of many stories. The story of a people called by God. What began as the vision of a few grew into a movement of many.

We created a custom, multi-platform donation system that unites story and technology into a beautiful user experience moving people to make a generous impact. 

When a user landed on the home page we wanted them to immediately see the stories and impact in a very visual way.

Donors see beautiful UI for individual and campaign progress.

Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly.

Micah 6:8


MVMT raised just under $2,000,000 to make a significant, tangible impact in the lives of hundreds of victims of sex trafficking. Through the generosity of thousands of people, hope was brought to hurting, desperate people across the world.


Homes of Hope

A village built in Fiji to help rescue and rehab sex trafficking victims


New Beginnings

A building built in Cambodia to help rescue and rehab sex trafficking victims

Let’s Work Together