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We help adventuresome leaders clarify vision, align teams, and communicate convincingly to the world. Our story is still being written, and we look forward to every new chapter! Explore our people & passion below. 

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From influential start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and from NGO’s making a global impact to faith-based communities we love investing in brands that matter. Here are just a few new and noteworthy …

“There are few moments I enjoy more than collaborating with experts in their respective disciplines. I get to dream, resource, empower, and get out of the way.”

Brian Kaufman, Partner & Creative Director

We leverage technology to simplify the essential & accomplish the beautiful.

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These are the crazy-talented people that bring our story to life. We’ve developed trusted partnerships with creatives that move organizations forward through their unique expertise.

Brian Kaufman

Partner, Creative Director

Adam Randlett

Director of Technology

Galen Gidman

Development Partner

Brooke Preston

Content Strategy Partner

Mark Miller

Brand Strategy Partner

Jeremy Wagner

Brand Design Partner

Eduardo Cruz

Technology Partner

Vin Thomas

UI/UX Strategy Partner

Our Standards

Our culture is driven by passion to do great work as a lifestyle … not just a job. Our clients are vested with us in the expertise, passion, and drive we bring to every new engagement. Our 9 standards remind us where we find our value as a company, and what we bring to the table as people.

Be Human

We are people. Husbands, & wives, fathers & mothers, sons & daughters. We value the long-term relationships we create with our clients, and place relationships over profits

Learn Often

We are refiners – driven by a desire to learn & perfect our craft. We’ve committed our lives to be great at what we do. As technology, strategies, and trends evolve we learn quickly and often.

Dig Deep

We ask the right questions. We move beyond a 10,000 ft. view and gain a critical understanding of our client’s “wins”, key pain points, and problems. We ask the questions that lead to a defendable understanding of the “why”.

Simplify the Essential

We are intentional. We don’t let “features” eclipse “focus”. We move forward with purpose informed by proven strategies. Our clients invest in our expertise and empower us to speak into and simplify the essential.

Make it Great

We are investors. We’re less concerned with the quantity of projects and more concerned with prioritizing our time and talents to produce excellent work for the companies & causes we invest in.

Leverage Technology

We leverage technology. It’s a means, not an end. While technology informs much of what’s possible, it’s still a tool, and doesn’t dictate our process. We create the strategies, and technology supports us along the way.

Accomplish the Beautiful

We are influencers. We create thoughtful visual experiences that inform action, tell the story and increase engagement. We design with purpose, and allow ourselves the space to be inspired and the creativity to inspire others.

Be Exceptional

We excel. We deliver more than we’ve promised and beyond what our clients could imagine. We unite under the banner of creating exceptional experiences for our clients, and delivering influential work that matters.


We need space … to dream, to live, to play, to work, and to rest. Our work is greater than the sum of our parts because we cultivate our passions, pursue our interests, and encourage our strengths. Work is part of life, but it isn’t why we live.

“Tipping Media helped us look through our needs as an organization. They helped us move from clutter to clarity. My favorite part? All the phone calls from our donors saying, ‘Wow!!! Your new website is so much better and easier to use!’ I think that says it all.”

Tommy Smith, Marketing Manager @ ACSTO

We work, live and play in Oregon. #PacificNorthwest

Visual Credit: Sea Legs Media & Dronescape Consulting

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