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    Espousing vision to the greater metro DC area

  • Project Overview

    Christ Central Presbyterian Church is operating with a high degree of health, clarity, and organizational alignment. The culture, experience, and services are in a positive territory.

    With a vision for the Gospel to bring spiritual, relational, and cultural renewal to greater metro DC and the world CCPC partnered with us to reposition the brand and build upon the visual identity as a "branded house" rather than a "house of brands".

    Our team hosted a brand workshop to help clarify the vision and identity goals. We then worked through a visual identity process that produced the new identity and brand guide.

  • Identity Anatomy

    Identity Anatomy

    The brand represents the foundation of identity in Christ through the cross symbol at the center of the mark.  The fractured inner circle round the cross represents local communities and the broken people within them. The larger outer circle, not yet complete, represents the word, the Great Commission and the need that still exists to bring the Gospel where it's not.


    Intentional Palette

    Our color palette was carefully and intentionally chosen to represent a mosaic of the Gospel: yellow – the resurrection; blue – the waters of baptism; brown – the Great Commission; red – sacrifice and passion; green/turquoise – new life.

  • Intentional Palette

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