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  • Project Overview

    Lake Pointe is one church with many locations. With 6 physical campuses Lake Pointe's team approached us with an opportunity to build an online campus that would engage with the church's live broadcasts. Through a mobile-first interface and powerful third-party tools, we built a platform to connect with communities across the world.


    Third-party Integrations

    Through third-party integrations we brought together tools for live chat, secure online giving, note taking, prayer requests, contact forms and scripture reference.

    We've added the ability to embed a third-party live stream from services such as YouTube Live, Vimeo Livestream, Stream Monkey and more!

    Feature your content and link to anything, anywhere, anytime.

  • Third-party Integrations
  • Attendance Data

    Attendance Data

    When a live broadcast begins visitors are prompted to enter how many are watching. This data is processed and displayed in real-time on the backend. Attendance data can be exported to run reports and gain deeper insights.


    Responsive Design & Offline Countdown

    With more than 50% of users watching from a mobile device, it was critical we focus on a mobile-first responsive design to scale across devices.

    The app features offline and online modes to keep users engaged with relevant content before, during, and after a live event.

  • Responsive Design & Offline Countdown

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