Tipping Media

    Multi-campus strategy with a mobile-first approach

  • Project Overview

    Houston’s First is a thriving and diverse community of real people experiencing real life together. With 5 physical campuses and 1 digital campus, Houston’s First was pursuing the latest web technologies and strategies to meet people where they're at across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Our strategy was to engage people in the culture.

    With so much content it was critical we begin with a comprehensive content strategy and information architecture that would scale with a growing church. The site not only need to promote events, media, and a great onboarding process, but also be easily searchable and intuitive for a wide demographic.

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    Campus Specific Content

    A critical part of the web strategy was to ensure users would get campus content that was relevant to them. The campus picker was an important tool for users to get campus-specific content. Through some dev magic the site remembers user's campus preferences for future visits!

  • Campus Specific Content
  • Custom Event Promotion

    Custom Event Promotion

    With so much happening across ministries, Houston's First needed a way to both promote big events and help user's discover relevant events for them. We built a ministry calendar picker that lets users choose which ministries and calendars they'd like to see. The calendar remembers their preferences when they return.


    Media & Live Streaming

    Sermon messages and live streaming are typically in the top 5 most popular pages. We built a comprehensive filter and search system around messages and series. We also featured the current series through a beautiful design.

    Live streaming features a built-in sitewide live countdown, note taking, giving, and sharing tools.

  • Media & Live Streaming
  • Volunteer & Trips Tool

    Volunteer & Trips Tool

    Multiple campuses mean hundreds of opportunities to get involved, volunteer, and go on trips. But, how do you find the right fit for you? That's why we built a tool that helps user's filter and find the right opportunities, fill an immediate need, or discover brand new opportunities to serve!

    The tool also features filtering for local & global partnerships, opportunities to connect and ask questions about each opportunity, filter trips by location, and of course sign-up from a mobile device.

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